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I posted this on LJ but I thought I better give it a shot here. It's a little one shot I came up with that I thought I'd share, warts and all. Very amateurish, but helped a bit by input from Mabel Marsters (thank you!). Season 6, Afterlife, fluff.

I have no idea how to do a "read more" cut thing on DW so here it is in its entirety.

"That's what I had to do".

Spike's heart sank at that sentence. Buffy was real, alive, and standing above him on the stairs. And yet, what she had to go through to get there. It tore him up inside. But he managed a half smile as he said, "Done it myself".

A million thoughts ran through his mind. How could this be possible? What kind of power would be able to resurrect Buffy? A benevolent power would not have left her in her coffin. How foolish was that? Something the Scoobies would do.....Oh no. It all made sense. The countless evenings he had to watch the Nibblet so they could have their little meetings. The power and arrogance he noticed from Willow. He would not be surprised if they were responsible for this.

Spike broke out of his reverie to concentrate on what was in front of him.

"Dawn, is the first aid kit in the bathroom upstairs?"

"Yeah, in the cabinet under the sink," she replied.

"Good. Buffy, pet, could you go upstairs to the bathroom and wait for me? I'll be right up to take care of your hands. Just give me a 'mo with your sis." Buffy gave no reply but did slowly turn and ascend the stairs.

After Buffy disappeared from view, Spike touched Dawn's shoulder and led her into the kitchen.
"Nibblet, do you remember how your big sis likes her tea?"

"Sure, Spike. Lots and lots of milk and sugar. Did you want me to make her a cup?"

"If you would, please. But I need a bit of a favor." Spike glanced at the front doorway, brow furrowed. "If the Scoobies come back while you're down here, could you stall them? Make sure they don't come upstairs?

Dawn had already put the kettle on and was looking for the tea bags. "I guess. Why?"

Spike found the tea bags himself and put them in front of Dawn. "Just want things a little quiet for Buffy. She's a bit traumatized right now and doesn't need them mucking about just yet."

"OK. Consider it done." Dawn gave Spike a wide grin and went back to her tea preparations. Spike gave Dawn a slight nod and then headed up the stairs.

Spike found Buffy sitting on the closed toilet seat when he entered the bathroom. She hadn't turned on the light so he found a scented candle on the counter and lit it, using his lighter. He then found the first aid kit in the cabinet and removed the antiseptic and some bandages.
"Here now, let's wash those hands up before I bandage them."

Buffy walked to the sink with hands raised, then Spike tenderly took them and carefully washed the dirt and grime from the wounds.

Buffy looked up at Spike and asked "How long was I gone?"

"One hundred forty-seven days yesterday, one hundred forty-eight today but today doesn't count. How long was it for you, where you were?


Spike dried off Buffy's hands and applied the antiseptic. Then, as he was bandaging them up, he looked at her and said, "Everyone is OK. Giles, your Scooby friends, they've all been managing. I've been helping with the patrols and all." Buffy remained quiet.

Just as Dawn was heading up the stairs with the tea, the front door burst open and the Scoobies rushed in, all talking a mile a minute.

"Is she here? Have you seen her?"

Dawn glared at them and asked, "Who are you talking about?"

Willow replied, "Buffy! We saw her in town! She's back! We did it! We brought her back, Dawnie!"

Dawn thought Willow looked a little too proud about that accomplishment, however she had to admit to being overjoyed at Buffy's return. But now she had to keep them away.

"Buffy's back? She's not here! You guys have to find her! Please? What if those demons hurt her and left her somewhere?"

Xander looked at the others and said, "She's right, guys. We should probably look around some more. I think those demons have left. Let's give the town one more look."

And with that the gang left, although Anya did not look too happy to be leaving. "But I'm tired!", Dawn heard her say as she went down the front walkway.

"All bandaged up, luv". Spike took Buffy by the hands and guided her to her bedroom.
"Just have yourself a lie down, while I bring in the candle". Buffy quietly responded, "OK" as she walked to her bed. She took off her shoes and then put the pillow against the wall. She then climbed onto the bed and leaned against the pillow. As Spike walked in with the candle, Dawn followed behind, carrying the cup of tea.

"Here, Buffy, have some tea", Dawn said as she handed the cup to her sister.

Spike placed the vanilla scented candle on the nightstand then turned on the clock radio that was situated there. After setting the radio to a classical music station, he turned the volume on low and knelt next to the bed.

"I know where you were, pet. A hero like you could have gone nowhere but heaven. The Bit and I are very glad to have you back, but we know it must be hard for you to be here"

Dawn gave a little gasp at these words then went silent as Spike continued.

"But we want you to know that you can find your own heaven in life's little pleasures. The feel of warm bedclothes, the gentle dancing light of the candle, the scent of vanilla, the taste of a good cuppa, and the sound of music." Spike rose and gave Buffy a small smile.
"We'll be downstairs if you need anything. Just relax and enjoy, Slayer. Come on, Nibblet, let's leave your sister be."

"I missed you, Buffy", Dawn said as she left the room, Spike following behind. As they were leaving they heard Buffy whisper "thank you".

Spike closed the door and lingered there while Dawn went downstairs. And then he let the tears fall.

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